SGC Tactical Benefits

1. We buy directly from the manufacturer and can offer your agency the lowest prices possible.

2. The majority of the products we carry are in stock.

3. We have been working with departments and agencies for a long time. We understand your procedures, budgets and T/E requirements. Let us know what you need and we will find a solution.

4. SGC Tactical only works with the best manufacturers. You can bet your life on all of our products.

5. Our knowledgeable sales staff can help guide you to the right product for your mission. Call them anytime; they can help with specifications and compatibility based on their first hand experience.

6. We accept trades towards product upgrades. You maybe able to purchase new equipment at a fraction of the new price.

7. We have a complete machine and gunsmith shop and can repair, modify or fabricate to your specifications.

8. SGC Tactical holds all of the licenses needed to help you get what you need including:

  • A type 10 FFL (deal and manufacture firearms, machineguns, ammunition, and destructive devices)
  • A type 20 explosives license (deal and manufacture high explosives)
  • US State Department export and broker license.